LifeDashboard is destined to redefine individual/team productivity for the cloud/mobile/social age.

We are redefining CRM, personal productivity, and project management tools by a new experience, implementing an objectives based dashboard applying some key  command and control best practices of the military.  We see great potential for this application, so long as we nail to UX correctly…

The market is $4 billion in 2011 expected to grow 9X to $27B by 2018.  We know we have a unique offering for a good under-serviced niche.  We are also bringing in everything we learned from the product managers of the best products in social networks and mobile games.  It’s going to be awesome.

LifeDashboard is currently staffed by 3 team members:

Ronnie Rendel, Director and Headmaster of Yeshiva Ventures

Yossi Roston and Shmuel Albukerk, Senior Associates in Yeshiva Ventures.

The LifeDashboard project also draws on several Yeshiva Ventures junior associates for research, market and competitive analysis, and reviews of existing products.  We recently completed a 3 week planning phase and are in the midst of a 4 week requirement definition and UX design phase.  Our goal is to complete a prototype by August and raise a formal VC round to launch LifeDashboard as a company.


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