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We were honored to be asked a question by Fred Wilson, why Yeshiva Ventures should teach “religion” along life skills, etc.

BS”D “Religion” is a loaded term, we focus specifically on Kabbalah. Kabbalistic wisdom is universal, these are the esoteric teachings of the prophets, teaching a path to enlightenment and knowledge of G-d.

Yehoshua the Christian, was a student of Kabbalah, and its teachings are a key to the perfection of mankind. We have been going through a unique cosmic experience for the past 20 years, reaching a climax in these months.

The Internet was born 20 years ago! Social networks and the new economics of Knowledge are the manifestation of the Age of Aquarius (which we are entering in a few months following a 2160 year process…)

The “Nations of the East” had received mystical teachings from Abraham which lay root to most of the wisdom in their traditions.

These principles which we study in Yeshiva Ventures form a new perspective on the student’s role in society. We teach them that “the material” is a means to a greater manifestation of G-dliness, not an ends to itself. We teach them that they will only succeed through collaboration, never all by themselves.

We also teach a new perspective on economics, reading startup news (and AVC) – we point out examples in the Internet economy where cooperation is more productive then competition.

This is the heart of the program. The tech and creative skills are meant to complement the core being of our student – mainly a leader in business and society.