Yeshiva Ventures Operations in Practice:

Posted: June 28, 2012 in YV Structure

Recruiting and Selection

  1. Between Aliya’s extended network and minimum advertising – estimated 200-400 candidates ages 18-25 without any plans for employment or yeshiva learning, etc.
  2. Selection process – 2 weeks – select 16 students based on selection criteria
  3. Of initial 16 students:
    1. 30% are expected to drop during first 2 weeks
    2. 50% expected to graduate
    3. 30% expected to find employment or startup ventures
    4. YV will only fund academic training for the top 4-6 students (costing $3K-$5K per student)
    5. The rest of the students will go through online training courses while supervised by YV instructors (costing $200-$500 per student)

Yeshiva Tracks

  1. Students are grouped into two classes according to learning skill and motivation
  2. Classes are in Aliya’s beis medrash and include Chassidus, collective davening, and a shiur in Niglah:
    1. Regular class will be taught by R. Moishe Feiglin, covering Tanya and Kitzur Shulchan Aruch.
    2. The advanced class will be taught by R. Ronnie Rendel, covering Tanya with Likutey Torah, and Gemara/Shulchan Aruch
    3. The instructors are also responsible for the attendance and progress of the students assigned to their class

Academic Tracks

  1. All students participate in academic instruction between 3-5 hours per day
  2. Students are offered academic opportunities based on skills, consistency, and performance
  3. Academic tracks are offered in three general categories:
    1. Web publishing
    2. Internet programming
    3. Mobile (iPhone) application development
    4. Depending on student need, YV may offer an accelerated GED program offered in house at Aliya – preparing students for college level learning
    5. Students with affinity for programming and analytical thinking will be offered paid training in web programming and iPhone development
    6. Chaim Lezerous, a Columbia University Film School graduate, will be offering an intensive web video production course
    7. Students not selected for GED, programming, or video course above will be learning basic office skills in self paced online courses

Counseling, Guidance, and Discipline

  1. A unique advantage to YV is that instructors follow the student’s progress through academics and project work, ensuring the student is fully applying himself
  2. Students are offered small cash incentives for attendance and participation in classes and training
  3. Accelerated students in the advanced academic tracks above will be offered a weekly stipend of up to $150, depending on their weekly grade for attendance, skill, and value.
  4. YV instructors also act as career counselors, helping the students build their portfolio or resumes, applying for work, and continuing education

Student Projects and Startup Incubator

  1. Each student is required to complete projects based on his academic program (ranging from word processing to programming to application development and video productions)
  2. The projects are assigned by their academic instructors along with their class instructor, and it is the class instructor’s responsibility to ensure the student completes his project work
  3. For students in the accelerated technology tracks, their (later) projects begin forming a portfolio of applications and websites that are eligible for seed (angel) funding in the YV start up incubator.


  1. Program announcement, student selection (2 weeks)
  2. Initiation and student evaluation (2 weeks)
  3. Waypoint 1:  Students classified in academic tracks
  4. Academic instruction begins (8 weeks)
  5. Waypoint 2: Midterm project and evaluation
  6. Academic instruction with emphasis on project work (8 weeks)
  7. Waypoint 3: presentation of projects, graduation

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