Operations Roadmap, summer/fall 5772

Posted: June 28, 2012 in YV Structure
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This plan is for a yeshiva program combining limudei kodesh with three different professional development tracks in Application Development, Internet Publishing, and Management.

  • The yeshiva serves Crown Heights youth ages 18-30
  • Preference for students currently outside of yeshiva or work programs
  • Students are paid weekly stipends of $150 while participating in a full time program combining Torah with academics and project work experience.
  • The yeshiva instructors forms a board of directors for a startup incubator focusing on Internet services and media
  • The best students form small teams tasked with producing digital media content and new web applications according to the skills and specialty in their academic track.


The “Why”….

It is the highest and most exalted Mitzvah is to tend to the material wellbeing of the community.  Beginning with the Baal Shem Tov, and with every succeeding President of the Jewish Nation (Nasi HaDor), attention to the physical (financial) well being of the Jewish Nation was a prime concern, even preceding the study of Torah!

Particularly in recent years, the “new capital” introduced into our community was diminishing, and more families were requiring Tzedakah for basic subsistence.

Today, a new generation comes of age to find itself unemployed, and unexpressed.  Incredible talent lies dormant, welting away in frustration of not being discovered.  This is the state of poverty described in the Gemara regarding the days preceding the coming of Moshiach…

The $ Value in Knowledge Marketing on the Internet

At the same time, the new Internet economy brings new hope.  It makes it possible to create and market a new type of media product – “knowledge products”.  Developed quickly and cheaply, digital media products build up equity value in the form of digital assets and subscription channels.

Specifically the invention of “knowledge products” and the industry of “virtual / video learning”, makes it possible to build hundreds of channels – each with thousands of members consuming and producing knowledge.  This is truly a fulfillment of the Rambam’s ruling regarding the Days of Moshiach.

It’s important to remember that “online media” of which knowledge marketing is a large niche, is a $91billion market in 2012.  Combined with the market for Internet web services and economics of social networks – yeshiva ventures and its incubator are potentially the much-needed salvation for our community.


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